I’m Michelle and I’m a Psychologist by training, a philosopher and artist in spirit, and down-to-earth and practical by nature. I enjoy exploring and sharing ideas to help people flourish in this challenging world. On this site, you can check out what I'm working on these days.

Please note that I am not currently accepting new patients into my practice.

Psychological Fitness Training™ for Inner Strength

Psychological Fitness Training™ is a training system I designed to give you the mental strength, endurance, and flexibility to take on whatever life throws at you. Click to learn more, and to participate in my free online training program, 6 Weeks to Psychological Fitness!

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A Healthier Perspective on Food, Weight and Body Image

We need an alternative to measuring our worth by the number on the scale, or by our clothing size, or for that matter, by how we look in the mirror. Join me in exploring the possibilities for true wellness, well-being, and fulfillment that lie beyond diet and beauty culture.

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Psychology for Your Life! My Albany Times Union Blog

Psychology isn’t just my profession; it’s a tool I use in my life. On my Albany Times Union blog, I explore practical, but evidence-based ways you can use psychology to improve your life, and share stories about how psychology has helped me and the people I’ve worked with.

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