Areas of Focus

I offer teletherapy to adult New Yorkers, and am particularly interested in helping people transform stress, manage chronic pain and IBS, heal intergenerational trauma, and flourish in mid-life and beyond. Read on to learn more!

Stress Mastery

When you master stress, you become an expert at optimizing your nervous system to take on whatever life throws at you!

Chronic Pain and IBS

Your symptoms aren't "all in your head", but you can use your head to help manage your symptoms, and take your life back!

Inherited Trauma

You have the power to heal the wounds you bear that were not your own, move beyond the legacy of your ancestor's suffering, and honor the history that brought you here.

Flourishing after 40

A Positive Psychology based approach for women who are finally ready to allow themselves to take a lead role in their own life stories.

Additional Services

Free Online Psychological Fitness Training™

Just like we build physical fitness with exercises that target our body's muscles, we build psychological fitness with exercises that target our "psychological muscles". Learn about Psychological Fitness Training™ and my free online program, 6-Weeks to Psychological Fitness.

Blog: Psychology for your Life!

Psychology isn't just my profession; it's a tool I use in my life. Until recently, I was a regular blogger for the Albany Times Union. Ciick here to visit the archives of that blog, Psychology for your Life, where I explored practical, but evidence-based ways you can use psychology to improve your life, and shared stories about how psychology has helped me and the people I've worked with.

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