It's time to be freed from your body image struggles, and to replace them with self-kindness, self-care, and sustainable wellness and well-being!

In a culture that values youth, slenderness and conventional beauty over all else, it's hard to be immune. I spent most of my life trying to adhere to our culture's unattainable and unsustainable standards, but I'm no longer willing to accept that my worth can be measured on the scale, by the size of my jeans, or in the mirror.

It's hard work, I won't lie. But I've brought together all the tools I've accumulated in a lifetime of personal experience, and over 25 years of professional experience, to develop an arsenal of strategies to take on the diet mindset, so I can live fully and compassionately, choosing well-being over weight, and self-care over shame.

I'm here to share those tools and strategies with you.

If you would like to explore pathways to freedom from the diet mindset, diet-induced binge eating, and body image issues, feel free to contact me.

Please note that I work with people around issues related to the diet mindset and body image. I do not offer services for the diagnoses of Anorexia or Bulimia Nervosa as I do not have the specialized training to treat those diagnoses.

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